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Delighted to announce our 2023 judge!

Hon Corbett

11 Mar 2023

Caitlin Kendall

We're delighted to announce our 2023 judge is Caitlin Kendall. A regular on the fantatsic Words on the Wall event. Caitlin's work is magical, melodic and homely, whilst retaining an air of politically- charged attitude. Caitlin has an MA in Creative Writing and her work has appeared online and in print in various publications. Her debut chapbook ‘Nothing is Yours’ is forthcoming with Bent Key Publishing in March 2023. Currently firmly ensconced in the far reaches of Northern England, she is a poet who loves wild swimming, nights under the stars and yoga. Her writing follows themes of nature and wanderlust, using the world around her as both physical inspiration as well as dew-soaked metaphors on early morning grass. With poetry that zips together the turbulent journey of motherhood with a deep connection with the earth and nature wrapped in human emotion, her words will grab you by the wrist and pull you into another world.

We cannot wait to hear Caitlin's feedback on this year's entries! Check back in with us on July 1st to find out!

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