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The Final 2023 Competition Accouncement 

The Winners 

Here at Hexham Poetry HQ, we’re utterly delighted to announce the esteemed winners of our inaugural 2023 competition. Thank you once again to everyone who entered and supported the beginning of our endeavour. 


A special thanks go out, of course, to our judge Caitlin Kendall but also to Jenny and Kathryn at Northumberland Libraries, Scoon at the Queens Hall Arts Centre, Jane Burn, Tahmina Ali, Sophia Murray, Elizabeth McGeown, The Tees Women Poets, Lucie at The Beaumont Hotel, Peter at HexhamTV, Rebecca Curry at The Hexham Courant, and Michael Corbett for his unending unquestioning steadfast support. 

School Student
School Student

5-14 Category


Nature is worth it! Rhodie Thomas

If I were King of England, Lily (Acomb School)

The Garden, Alexis Lowden 

The Silver Winglet, Serena Williams 

Island Dream, Chirag Hemanth 


Highly Commended 

2020 Suffragettes, Amelia Richardson and Lana Bowater 

My Wet Sock, Richard Franksen 

The Cake, Molly Robson


THIRD PRIZE  Poetry, Finlay Court

SECOND PRIZE   If I were the King of England, Ella (Acomb School)

FIRST PRIZE   Greggs, Faye Henderson

14-18 Category


No God’s Pawn Am I, Renee Cesana

Systems, Betty Fentiman

Ikpati, Samai Belac

A line across my face, Kristen Clements

Trapped, Renee Cesana 


Highly Commended 

There Goes That Girl, Emily Carney 

Eulogy to Womanly Lawyers, Saarah Hussain 

FROM THIS HUMAN WELL, Peculiar Olujobi


THIRD PRIZE Passage, Joe Wright 

SECOND PRIZE Cartographers, Joe Wright 

FIRST PRIZE Layla, Charlie Jolley

Writing a Diary

Over 18s Category


Forsythia’s Blooming, Ellen Zhang

Binding Breaths Daniel Moreschi

Stag, Amsterdam, Glen Wilson 

Colossal Wreck, Claire Lynn 


Highly Commended 

Mercy, Jennifer McGowan 

Saint Etheldreda, Maggie Davison 

Controlled Explosion, Carole Bromley 


THIRD PRIZE Rock, paper, scissors, Ilisha Thiru Purcell


SECOND PRIZE Year of the rabbit, Ruth Lexton

FIRST PRIZE goes to Mam on Demand, Ali Rowland.


Hexham Poetry 2023 Winner:
Mam on Demand,
Ali Rowland
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