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The Shortlist...

Karan Heppell 

 - Borderland


Paul atten Ash 

​​ - Lines from a Hermitage


Daniel Moreschi 

     - Binding Breaths


Geraint Ellis 

   -  I run with Dad


Carole Bromley 

    - Controlled Explosion 


Ali Rowland 

    - Mam on Demand


Megan Cartwright 

    - Phantom/Pantoum


Maggie Davison 

    - Saint Etheldreda


Stan George 

    - Certa Cito


Ruth Lexton 

    - Year of the Rabbit


Ellen Zhang 



Deborah Finding 

    - allies in the workplace


Ilisha Thiru Purcell 

    - Rock, paper, scissors


Glen Wilson 

    - Stag, Amsterdam


Sophia Murray 

    - When you live in a place so long you forget it is beautiful 


Petra Hilgers 

    - My Somali neighbour


Suzanna Fitzpatrick 

    - Two Boys i.m. Alan Kurdi, September 2015


Jennifer McGowan

     - Mercy


Claire Lynn 

    - Colossal Wreck 


Winners announced soon...

Congratulations again to everyone who entered and especially the newly announced shortlist contenders! This year's standard was extremely high, and we had many more entries than anticipated, so a very well done.


We will be announcing the winners of each category later today, so please check in at later on to find out who this year's winners are! 


Once again, thank you all for your support.


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