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Celebrating Local Talent

Hon Corbett

31 Mar 2023

Poet, Caitlin Kendall's Book Launch at the Forum Cinema, Hexham.

We were delighted to attend the official book launch of Nothing is Yours, a selection of works from local writer and poet Caitlin Kendall, at the Forum Cinema in Hexham. Rebecca Kenny of BentKey Publishing began the event by reading her staggering fringe piece Sad Times, about keeping the faith when times are tough. Angela Marshall kindly performed a last-minute slot in place of an ill Scarlett Ellson (Get well soon, Scarlett!). Angela was amazingly confident and passionate and began with her poignant and powerful Not Just a Statistic. Hon Corbett did her first-ever reading and mostly managed the nerves and tears. Caitlin finished the event with some reading from her book, which was moving, insightful and heartfelt. You can buy Nothing is Yours here

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